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Selling a car you once loved for scrap is not easy. We understand the decisions you had to make before deciding to sell your old car. We hope to ease your stress by offering a great value for your junk car or truck.

By selling a vehicle that is always needing repairs or is completely dead, you can earn some money toward your next vehicle purchase. We are friendly and local to the marshall county and plymouth area. We are here to help our community get rid of old broken cars.

Call for a price quote: 574-393-8680

We travel through Plymouth, IN to pay you cash for your scrap cars and trucks. We buy junk cars and vehicles with titles and in most cases we can buy without a title.

Get a quote for your’s online or call us to get paid for your old junker car or vehicle. We buy all kinds, we’ve been doing it for years. Please, try us out before you decide to go with someone less experienced.

Thank you for your interest in Adam’s Junker’s, we hope to hear from you soon, and give you cash for your  junker.

We Pay Cash for Junk Cars and Trucks in Plymouth IN

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We know about the scrap market from years of experience buying junk cars all over Northern IN, including Plymouth. We are in your area everyday and can tell you immediately what your junk cars and scrap cars are worth.

We know exactly what we can get out of the cars after we process them ourselves at our facilities. And that means we know exactly what we can pay for the vehicles. Here’s a secret, we are expanding because we pay the most for scrap cars and trucks.

Call for a price quote: 574-393-8680